Country Retreat

Where your pets can enjoy your holiday too

When you need someone to care for your dog or cat, you look for a comfortable environment, individual attention, and facilities that are clean, safe and secure. Then you can relax and enjoy your holiday, fully confident that your pet is receiving the best care.

Country Retreat is nestled on 14 acres in a sheltered and tranquil valley, with a beautiful backdrop of native trees. It's a unique and perfect place for your pets to relax, - yet just seconds from SH1 for your convenience.

We have built for space rather than numbers and in a way to include your pets in our every day lives.

We think of your pets not just as boarders, but as pets ‘in our care' and to be loved & cared for as if our own. Also by knowing all the pets personally ensures that they have a happy and stress free stay.

Whether it is just for a weekend, or long term, we know just how to care, love and pamper your pet.

At your request we will text you with updates of your pet, or send you emails which can also include photos.

Thank you for your interest in our Kennel & Cattery,

Margo & Mira